In line with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and the internal regulations of application, COMAR Group (hereinafter also the “Group” or “COMAR”) pursues the development of its professional activity with integrity, promoting ethical behavior, respect for human dignity and compliance with current regulations.

To this end, COMAR has designed a Internal Information and Whistleblower Protection System (hereinafter also the “System” or “Internal Information System”) integrated by the Whistleblower Channel (hereinafter also the “Channel”) which the Group had in place since 2017, and which is instrumentalized as a formal mechanism for consultation or reporting of irregularities through a technological platform.

The Policy is also applicable to all persons providing professional services to the Group, who must act with integrity and always in compliance with the law and applicable internal regulations, and must cooperate to avoid irregular actions. In this sense, it is a duty of directors, managers, employees, trainees or any other person who maintains a hierarchical relationship with COMAR, regardless of their functional or hierarchical position, type of work or territory in which they operate (hereinafter also the “Staff”), to communicate any internal irregularity or act contrary to the past, present or future legality through the Channel.

Additionally, it is encouraged that any person (natural or legal) who has had, has or may have a professional relationship (for example, suppliers, partners, contractors, agents, etc.) with COMAR (hereinafter also the “Third Parties”) also use the Channel in the cases regulated in this Policy and the Development Procedure, as a formal mechanism for reporting irregularities and regardless of other ordinary means of communication made available to Third Parties.

Therefore, the Staff must and Third Parties may report the knowledge or suspicion motivated of irregular conduct or that may involve a breach of current legislation, as well as the Code of Ethics and other internal regulations of COMAR, especially any behavior that could constitute a serious or very serious administrative or criminal offense, including those relating to the Treasury and Social Security, as well as in the labor field offenses relating to safety and health at work, all without prejudice to the protection established in the specific regulations that may be applicable.

The Internal Information System is the preferred channel for reporting these behaviors through the address